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Yoga For Trauma Recovery™

Practice, Heal, Learn, Grow

Runner with Amputated Leg

Yoga for Trauma Recovery is an approach to healing using mindful modalities designed for those who have experienced trauma. To be honest, that is most of us. Trauma and stress can present physically, emotionally, and mentally (or all of the above!) Such experiences can be from childhood trauma, onging stress and trauma, vicarious trauma, and single incident trauma. Many survivors suffer from various ailments such as PTS, dissociation, stress, irritability, and anxiety. The YFTR practice is designed specifically for this audience, in a safe environment, with a sensitivity towards language, asanas, breath work, and assists. Benefits include people feeling more connected to their bodies, the confidence to use new coping tools like breath work which can lead to a new sense of calmness, sleeping more soundly, and dealing with triggers more constructively. Simply put, it brings a new awareness of what is going on emotionally and physically allowing for more responsiveness and less reactivity. These practices will help you build resiliency so you can thrive and live with peace, contentment, and joy.

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