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Embodied Coaching

Creating shifts, releasing old blocks, and manifesting

A unique and personalized 8-week series.


Joanne will design an embodied coaching transition package specifically for you to help you heal and get your life back on track so you can create the life you want and deserve.  Once you register, she will send you a questionnaire to better understand what you would like to accomplish during your time together.  You will meet once a week for one hour and then a second time during that week for half an hour.  She will go over proven theory, philosophy, and practices and provide content, dharma talks, and practical tools to inspire you.  With a new outlook, solid practices, confidence, and accessible tools, you’ll be able to go from surviving to thriving and create a compassionate life, on point and fulfilling.

  • Learn to create healthier patterns mentally, emotionally, and energetically

  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others with compassion and gratitude, truly

  • Move and breathe in ways to release stagnation and enhance well-being

  • Cultivate what you want to bring into your lives and create the action steps needed to access what you want so you can be more grounded, joyful, clear, and motivate​

  • Specializing in recovery from trauma, addiction, divorce, and partners of sex addicts

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