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Why Work With Me

Empower yourself with Joanne Varni


Inspired by my own personal growth and recovery work, I have spent the last decade supporting people in mental health and addiction centers. I have intersected eastern and western movement and mindfulness modalities and taught them to people who have suffered from PTSD, and addiction (often in collaboration with hospitals and centers), as well as those struggling with general mental health issues caused by stress, anxiety, and/or trauma. I have supported men and women who work stressful fulltime jobs, people in various inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment programs, incarcerated women, people in search of balance, refugees from all over the world, and individuals who have suffered loss as trauma. 


As humans, we are meant to have experiences that allow us to grow, evolve, and attain wisdom. Specific stressful or traumatic experiences, as well as daily stress, can disrupt our ability to flow through life easily, causing our bodies and minds to move into a state of surviving instead of a state of thriving.  We may get stuck because so much of what we do is already committed to physical, emotional, and stress patterns, which is exhausting to our body’s natural rhythm. We continually re-live the same painful memories which reinforce unhealthy patterns. My offerings will provide you with the tools to help you make the shift needed to release stagnation, build resiliency and cultivate ways to help you listen to your body.


Twenty-four years ago, I was at a crossroads and decided to make a change to help me live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. After 15 years in a product marketing management position, I left my Silicon Valley corporate job to explore a yogic and mindful lifestyle with a goal of easing the burden of my own painful past and suffering. That was the catalyst for my healing and personal growth. As I began the process of releasing my own trauma, the easier life became. Moreover, I built resiliency with each and every new personal challenge I encountered. The practice of yoga and the supporting techniques of breathwork, meditation, gentle asanas, somatic yoga, qigong, and neurogenic tremoring allowed me to experience more joy, compassion, and most importantly, personal growth. I was suddenly ‘unstuck,’ and this sense of openness and newfound freedom inspired me to share these practices with others to enable them to live a life filled with growth, purpose and happiness.


For those looking for a more collaborative approach, I also work with therapists and recovery centers to bring mindfulness, movement modalities, and trauma-informed practices to help with healing, nervous system regulation, and improve overall well-being. I offer custom programs and workshops using lecture, movement, and introspective practices to suit specific needs. I specialize in helping people move and release stagnation from their bodies and create body awareness that empowers people to access their authenticity, as well as promote healing and resolution.


If you are ready to embrace your journey toward healing, or you simply wish to relieve the stress, anxiety and/or trauma that is impacting your ability to fully achieve a life filled with purpose and happiness, let’s connect.  It’s never been easier to work with me through my pre-recorded, online, on-demand, or in person offerings.

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