Embodied Coaching-Creating shifts, releasing old blocks, manifesting

Join Joanne for this unique and individualized 8-week series.

-Learn to create healthier patterns emotionally and energetically

-Learn how to truly forgive yourself and others with compassion and gratitude

-Move and breath in ways to release stagnation and enhance well-being

-Cultivate what you want to bring into our life and create the action steps needed to access what we want so we can be more grounded, joyful, clear, and motivated.  We’ll use yogic principles, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and more.  All that’s left is to imagine the possibilities

Joanne will design an embodied coaching transition package specifically for you to help you heal and get your life back on track so you can create the life you want and deserve.  Once you register, she will send you a questionnaire to get a better understanding of what you would like to accomplish during your time together.  You will have two options.  Sessions will occur once a week for one hour and then a second time during that week for a half an hour.  Joanne will go over proven theory, philosophy, and practices as well as provide content, dharma talks, and practical tools to inspire you.  With a new outlook, solid practices, confidence, and accessible tools you’ll be able to go from surviving to thriving and create a life that is compassionate, on point, and fulfilling.

Space is limited!  Offerings include individual sessions, or an eight-week, customized program as described above.  Contact Joanne at Joanne@joannevarni.com to arrange for a free consultation phone call to make sure it’s a good fit and to check for availability, pricing, and payment information.



Joanne offers “Embodied Coaching” to students who are looking for a yoga practice created just for them.  Her philosophy as a yoga teacher is to help people feel connected to their bodies, quiet their mind, stimulate a healthy nervous system, and release tension in the body caused by stress, anxiety, or trauma.  In working with private clients, she and the student have an initial meeting, so that she can tailor a plan for them so they leave her with a strong and confident foundation upon which to build their practice.  She gives practical, accessible homework for the student, because she believes that the techniques she teaches require practicing on their own as well as when they are with her.  After the initial meeting, they will meet weekly or bi-weekly where they will discuss the progress of the student, any challenges they are facing, as well as practice together.

Her teaching style uses a combination of breath work, meditation, mindfulness practices, restorative and gentle asanas, somatic movement and neurogenic tremoring.  She specializes in working with people who have chronic pain, stress, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, PTSD, and anxiety.  She can meet in person or via Zoom.



“I regularly attend Joanne’s Restorative yoga classes at Breathe, where she has takes her knowledge and intuition and applies them to all that attend.  Her enthusiastic, positive approach and energy, with high levels of motivation inspire her students.  She is thoughtful and is able to individualize for each of her students.  Her gentle approach, and supportive manner, creates a calm, healing atmosphere.  Her classes are one of the things I look forward to every week.” –Suzanne

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending many of Joanne’s yoga classes.  In fact, she was my very first yoga experience.  I’m so grateful that she was because her compassion and warmth were exactly what I needed.  She is so aware of what each of her students may be needing and so adept at meeting them exactly where they are.  She’s also knows a ton but still always encourages you to listen to your own body and intuition.  It was in her classes that I learned to start honoring my own experience and feelings.  And what a huge gift that has been.  She creates such a safe, nurturing space which makes deep healing possible.  I’ll never forget the time she sat and breathed with me after a class that I got triggered in.  She cares deeply about each and every student and will always go the extra mile to help them.  I’ve got endless love and gratitude for this amazing teacher.” –Vanessa